Ant Control


Need ant control in Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs?

Are ants overrunning your property? Need to have them removed? The experts at Your Local Pest Control are here to save the day.

Based in Narre Warren, we service Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, right down to the Mornington Peninsula. We are the experts when it comes to ant removal, control and management. When we’re done, they’ll no longer come marching in one by one. If anything, we’ll be taking them out one by one. Once we’ve been, there’ll be nowhere left for them to hide.

Ant removal experts in Narre Warren

Ants are the most common pest to infest your home and garden. You may often find their nests in retaining walls in your garden, tree stumps, cracks in the pavement, under rocks, along with roof spaces or wall cavities. If left untreated, their numbers can grow into the thousands.

While carrying out ant inspections, our licensed team are thorough, professional and only use safe, efficient repellents, baits and insecticides to deal with your pest problem. With our experience and expertise, we’ll get straight to the root of the problem – ensuring there’s little likelihood that they’ll return.

Leave it to the professionals

You may be thinking, ‘Can’t I just remove them myself?’ – but when it comes to ant removal, it’s best to call in the experts. Our skilled team are fully licensed and trained to deal with infestations.

Tips for preventing ants

Ants are attracted to anything sticky or sweet, warm temperatures and moisture. They’ll come looking for water sources when conditions are dry.

If there are any cracks in your property, they will find their way into your home. Here are our tips for keeping them out.

  1. Seal any cracks around your doors and windows where pests could be getting in.
  2. Regularly clean your gutters and remove any debris where they could be hiding.
  3. Clean any food or spills in your kitchen straight away, ensuring there is no sticky residue that could attract ants.
  4. Don’t leave any food out on the kitchen bench overnight, including pet foods.
  5. Make sure to store food securely.

If you still find they are making their way in somehow, our professional team of experts are here to deal with the problem. Contact our team for a service today. Your property will be ant-free in no time.