Get access to quality termite removal in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs

In the cartoons, they whirl in as a ‘cloud’ and destroy literally everything in their wake. And while that may be a slight exaggeration in most cases, these pesky invaders definitely can wreak havoc on your property.

In Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, they’ve long been known to frequent residential and commercial spaces, meaning the demand for termite pest control in the areas is consistent. To fill this need, our experts are well-versed in all areas of removal, ensuring these infestations are dealt with swiftly and safely.

We know our stuff when it comes to termite control

From Narre Warren to the outer corners of Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, we help clients resolve their pest issues effectively. We’re able to do this through a technique that we have down to a fine art, approaching each case as an individual one.

If you’re wondering if it’s really necessary to get an expert in, it’s important to consider whether you know enough about this bug to deal with them yourself. As an example, we are well-versed in all areas of this species, understanding that this ancestor of the common cockroach can be tricky to eliminate.

As they feed on materials derived from dead plants – including wood, soil, leaves, animal feces, rubbish and more – they’re always well-fed, making it harder to get rid of them. The problem with their ability to adapt so well into our environments is that they can cause immense damage and health-related issues. From ruining your favourite furniture to posing disease risks, eliminating these infestations should always be a priority for any Melbourne resident or business owner.

Not sure how to identify termites?

There are a few species that dwell across Melbourne, each with its own behaviours. Watch out for these signs to note whether you have a problem at hand:

  • Clicking noises: Somewhat an odd behaviour, soldier termites thrash their heads against timber or rattle their bodies to indicate to nearby friends of theirs that they are under threat. Simply, if you can hear them, then they’re there.
  • Hollowness: If your timber sounds hollow when you knock on it – e.g. a wall – it’s likely it has been impacted by significant damage caused by these little pests.
  • Tunnels: The most well-known sign, termites create tunnels that look pretty but aren’t pretty to deal with when you’re a property owner.

Spanning across Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, we can assess your case and guide you through the next step to control and eliminate your infestation. Get in touch now for a quote or consultation.