Trusted European Wasp Control in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs

It’s not uncommon to be fearful when you suspect or know you have a wasp nest in or around your home. It can be a time of great stress, worrying that they might attack and significantly affect daily outdoor activities. When looking for a trusted specialist in the Melbourne Eastern Suburbs, you can be confident that we are the right choice for you.

We often get asked how you tell the difference between a wasp and its close cousin, the bee. Our answer is that they have some behavioural variations – the main characteristic being they can repeatedly sting without dying.

They also look a bit different – they’re primarily black on their front half and yellow on their back half, with contrasting stripes and dots. They are also longer and leaner than a bee.

There’s also no looking past that many people are highly allergic, so dealing with an infestation quickly is essential, especially if you have children.

Signs You Need Wasp Management and Treatment

These pests can really ruin outdoor activities with your kids or spending time in the garden. They’re notably attracted to flowers and other plant life, but they’re also drawn to foods with sugar and protein – including pet feed – so keeping outdoor areas free from crumbs and spills is essential.

The main indication that you have an infestation is when you see these beasties around your garbage bins, pet feed, or hear buzzing noises (especially if living in your walls).

You might also notice there are other swarming insects around, or the nests are visible around the yard on eaves and other places. If there is a nest, it’s generally a woody colour as they are most often made from wood pulp, rather than a honeycomb structure like that of bees.

To avoid further problems, we recommend:

  • Cleaning up fallen fruit and scraps
  • Make sure bin lids are tightly on
  • Cover snacks at BBQs
  • Don’t leave pet food or bones outside for extended periods.
  • Keep compost covered.

Need Our Help?

If you’re not a professional, we don’t recommend treating the infestation yourself. Our Melbourne Eastern Suburbs team use protective equipment to ensure they don’t get stung while safely making your Frankston, Narre Warren or Mornington Peninsula home free from these black and yellow critters.

Contact our team by phone or email so we can get them under control.