Spider pest control for Melbourne’s eastern suburbs

Australia’s known for their larger species of spiders, and while they can look intimidating and dangerous, some are also harmless. The problem is, its’ hard to know if you’re dealing with a risky species or not, and if you are, when it’s time to call in the experts for spider removal and management services. As various species thrive on different conditions across the country, Melbourne’s eastern suburbs plays home to many of them, particularly inside homes. Because they can survive for months without food or water, eliminating them can be tricky. That’s where we come in, providing effective spider control and inspection solutions to get rid of them once and for all.

When it’s time for spider removal…

If you’ve recently noticed a growing number of spiders in your space, it’s time to pick up the phone.

Once we’ve onsite, we can assess your situation and give you directions on the best plan of attack, including using our quality solutions. But if you’re not sure whether the species you’re dealing with is dangerous, here are a few tips to help you get started.


Size: 14mm (female)

3mm (male)

Typically identified by its round body, the Red-Back is a highly dangerous species. It features a red (and sometimes even orange) stripe and uses a number of items around your home to weave a web throughout. Take care around pot plants, outdoor chairs and furniture, and logs. Their bite can be fatal or cause significant injury, at the least.


Size: 20mm (female)

12mm (male).

Despite often being mistaken for having a black body, they feature a darker grey tone instead, complete with a white spot on their abdomen. You’ll find them dwelling inside your home, typically shying away from Melbourne’s erratic weather. They’re also likely to hide in your clothes, so be careful when you bring in the washing. They are known to bite and can be aggressive, with their venom being highly dangerous.

The Black House Spider

Size: 18mm (female)

9mm (male).

Usually dark brown, black or grey, these spiders have some body markings that differ from one to the next. They’re likely to frequent dark areas of your home – especially corners – as well as outdoor spaces along the fenceline, veranda or shed.


Size: Up to 45mm.

Not entirely harmful to humans, the huntsman is a larger species with grey and brown bodies and long, long legs. You’ll see them crawling along your skirting boards and ceiling, searching for prey in Melbourne properties. Their bite is not a large threat to humans, and they are not – by nature – aggressive.

Wolf Spider

Size:  35mm (female)

20mm (male).

Frey and brown in colour, these pests sit under bundles of leaves or garden debris. They also burrow fart into the ground around suburban properties.


Size: 35mm (female)

23mm (male)

Known to live underground (hence the name) they are brown in colour, typically with fine, golden hairs. They are a huge threat to animals like birds, but not so much to humans, despite their size.


Size: 30mm (female)

Up to 20mm (male).

This species consists of a red-brown body with a pattern on its abdomen that resembles a leaf. Their webs sit high up between plants and trees so that insects fly into their trap.

Noticed any of these nasty pests around your home? Trust our spider management experts to remove them effectively.